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2006 Introductions.

Posted by Jared on November 21st, 2005

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A Quack in Time $25 DF

Count Quackula

(D Eller) Tet, 26″, 5.5″, M, Semi-E, Re, Fr. Pink, Wine Eye, Wine Gold Double Edge, Green Throat, 3-way branch/23 buds (Cherrystone X [Mardi Gras Ball x Seedling])

Baby Jessie $20 DF

Baby Jessie

(N Eller) Dip, 18″, 2.75″, M, Dormant, Re, 80% Dbl. Cream, Red Eye, 2-way branch/15 buds (You Angel You X Mary Ethel Anderson)

Duck Pond Dawn $25 DF

Duck Pond

(D Eller) Tet, 25″, 5.5″, E, Semi-E, Re, Fr. Pink, Darker Pink Halo, Yellow-Cream Edge, 3-way branch/27 buds ([Splendid Touch x J. T. Davis] X Jewel In A Crown)

Marion Tyus $35 DF

Marion Tyus

(N Eller) Tet, 26″, 5.5″, E, Evergreen, Re, Fr, 95% Dbl. Purple, Dark Purple Eye, Yellow-Green Throat, 3-way branch/23 buds (Night Embers X Seedling)

Mother Duck $25

Mother Duck

(D Eller) Tet, 26″, 6″, E, Semi-E, Re, Fr. Coral, Rose Halo, Rose Gold Double Edge, Yellow Throat, 3-way branch/24 buds (Totally Tropical X Mediterranean Mood)

Pat Bonner $20 DF

Pat Bonner

(N Eller) Tet, 20“, 5.75“, E, Semi-E, Re, Fr, 99% Dbl, Peach Cream, Gold Edge, Yellow Throat, 2-way branch/15 buds (Jerry Pate Williams X J. T. Davis)

Quack Fire $25 DF

Quack Fire

(D Eller) Tet, 23″, 6, EM, Evergreen, Re, Fr. Peach, Maroon Band, Maroon Gold Double Edge, 3-way branch/24 buds (Creative Vision X [Mardi Gras Ball x Seedling])

Ronie Johnston $25 DF

Ronie Johnston

(D Eller) Tet, 22″, 5″, EM, Semi-E, Re, Fr. Light Pink, Green Throat, Ruffles, 3-way branch/21 buds (Tet. Mountain Almond X J. T. Davis)

Treva Gene $25

Treva GeneTreva Gene

(N Eller) Dip, 27″, 6″, E, Semi-E, Re, Fr, 99% Dbl. Cream Self, Green Throat, 3-way branch/18 buds (Tommy Lee Joiner X Reba My Love)

House Of Quack $25

House Of Quack

(D Eller) Tet, 22″, 5.5″, EM, Semi-E, Re, Fr. Cream, Grape Band, Grape Gold Double Edge, 3-way branch/21 buds. (Creative Vision X Seedling)

Wild Duck $25 DF

Wild Duck

(D Eller) Tet, 28″, 7″, EM, Evergreen, Re, Fr. Pale Pink, Paler Pink Sepals, Yellow-Gold Edge, Green Throat, 3-way branch/20 buds (Lifting Me Higher X Seedling)

* SF = Single Fan, DF = Double Fan *

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