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2012 AHS Region 5 Georgia Hybridizers Award!!!

Posted by Jared on January 10th, 2013

I would like to express my appreciation to everyone who voted for H. ‘Marion Tyus’ for the 2012 AHS Region 5 Georgia Hybridizers Award.

It is a special daylily named for a special lady. Marion has always made us feel welcome at the Albany club meetings. She and her husband Ken have been very supportive of us since we entered the wonderful world of daylilies. They have shared daylilies, perennials, information, and friendship with us since we began.

Marion works continually to keep the Albany club thriving. She is always one of the first to volunteer for anything that needs doing for the club.

One very special memory for us: it was time for us to collect daylily seed pods in 2003 when Don’s twin brother was dying from colon cancer in TN. We had to be in TN for Ron but we hated to let all the work involved in hybridizing go to waste — Marion and Ken learned of the situation and immediately volunteered to come every day from Albany to Leesburg to collect seed pods. They also did whatever needed to be done in the garden while we were gone.

Marion Tyus the daylily is a tribute from us to a very wonderful lady.
I am pleased that so many other daylily lovers recognized it as worthy enough to earn such an honor.

Thanks to all of you.

Nancy Eller

Marion Tyus